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How To Apply Metallic Nail Polish Like A Pro

How To Apply Metallic Nail Polish Like A Pro

There are many women who love to get creative when it comes to their nails. They like to have different colors, patterns and designs. But, there is something about having a metallic nail polish on your nails that makes you feel so elegant. It is not only a fashion statement; it can also be a great way to add some spice to your personality. And, it is easy to apply. So, if you are interested in this, then keep reading. I am going to give you step-by-step instructions on how to apply metallic nail polish like a pro.

6 Easy Steps To Apply Metallic Nail Polish

1. Introduction

Metallic nail polish is a new trend that just might catch on. Some people swear by it, while others think it’s a total disaster. Regardless of your personal feelings on the subject, there’s no disputing the fact that metallic polishes can add sparkle and luster to your nails without the use of traditional artificial nail polish. How does this benefit you? Well, since it’s a relatively new product, there aren’t many (any) reviews of the stuff online. That means you can get a sneak peek at what the “hype” is about before you spend any money.

2. Tools & Materials

You must prepare your tools and materials before you start to apply metallic nail polish. This will ensure that you don’t get any on your clothing, your furniture or on the floor. The first thing you need to do is put on a pair of latex gloves. Then, using a clean, dry paint brush, begin brushing away the dust and dirt from the surface to be painted. Next, mix a small amount of acetone (about 1/4 cup) with about 8 cups of water. Dip the brush into the solution, then begin painting the surface. Use long, even strokes and allow the solution to work its magic.

Keep adding more acetone and water until the paint just starts to soften up. Now you can use the brush to apply a very thin layer of metallic polish. Once this first coat is dry, apply a second and final coat. Let it dry and then remove the gloves. If you have done everything correctly, the paint will have adhered to the latex gloves. Now you can remove the gloves and continue with your day.

3.  Preparing the Surface

What would happen if you applied metallic nail polish without any preparation? It would look terrible. Much worse than the average person would guess. That’s because metallic nail polish has to be applied under what’s called a “base coat” which provides the necessary surface to which the metallic pigment will adhere. Without the base coat, the metallic appearance would be very poor and quite different from what the viewer would expect.

4.  Metallic Nail Polish Application


When you apply metallic nail polish to one of your nails and then look at it from different angles, you will see the reflected color move around. That’s called chromatic aberration and is caused by the fact that each type of material reflects light of a different color.

Metallic nail polish has a color that is called its “base color”. When you apply the metallic nail polish to your nail, some of the metallic particles are mixed into the base color. However, most of the metallic particles remain separate from the base color. The ones that do get mixed into the base color cause what is called “interference patterns”.

These interference patterns create the color shifting you see when you look at your painted fingernail from different angles. The interference patterns are very small and hard to see with the naked eye. That’s why you need to use a loupe or a magnifying glass to look at your fingernails carefully. You should examine all your fingernails, not just one. This will help you to see the interference patterns in all of them.

5.  Sealer

Next, you need to apply a clear top coat to your nails. This will protect them from the metallic polish and give your nails a nice shine. After that, apply a couple more coats of metallic nail polish and then let each coat dry completely before you put on the next one. Do this until your nails are covered with a nice, shiny coating of metallic nail polish.

How long does it take to do this? Well, it takes me about five minutes to do all of my nails and then I have to do the drying time for each coat which is about another five minutes. That’s ten minutes total. Let’s say it takes you one minute per nail to do all of this. That means it will take you 20 minutes to do all of your nails.

6.  Cleaning Up

One of the keys to nail polish success is being able to recognize and admit when you’ve made a mistake. If you don’t clean up your messes promptly, the customer will lose trust in you and stop doing business with you. In other words, cleaning up implies you are honest about your mistakes and willing to correct them.



In conclusion, I’ve shared the most profitable secrets I know about metallic nail polish with you. These secrets are valid whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user. They can be applied to any type of polish, including regular non-metallic, and will dramatically improve your application skills.

If you want to use these secrets, it’s easy. All you have to do is read and follow the simple instructions. And, if you don’t think the improved application skills will be worth the 10-minutes or so it will take to read this e-book, then maybe you shouldn’t be using nail polish at all. Because, after all, who wants to waste 10-minutes learning how to do something that’s already easy and fun?

How To Use A Gel Nail Dryer To Get Your Manicure Instantly Glowing

How To Use A Gel Nail Dryer To Get Your Manicure Instantly Glowing

Did you know that using a gel nail dryer can help give your manicure an instant glow? Yep, it’s true. Using a gel nail dryer will not only speed up the drying time of your nail polish but will also help extend the life of your polish. This means that you won’t have to keep reapplying every few days—saving you both time and money!

Here’s why this is such an intelligent thing to do: the chemicals in traditional nail polish remover strip the natural oils from your nails. This causes the cuticle to peel back and become exposed. And then, when you try to re-style your nail, it becomes difficult (if not impossible) to get a good, smooth surface to work with. This can result in chipped, stained, and peeling nails which are extremely difficult if not outright impossible to get looking good.

But not anymore!

Here’s how to use a gel nail dryer to get your manicure instantly glowing with a secret that top professionals use every day!

What You Will Learn

Gel nail polish dries in just three to five minutes and can last up to seven days without chipping. Plus, it can be removed with acetone (the stuff you use to remove tattoos). The secret ingredient that makes this polish strong is called “Acetone Capable Co-Polymer.” It’s a combination of polymers and plasticizers that creates a tough, flexible, removable coating for your nails.

If you have long, painted nails, you may have to get used to having them look different. Once the top coat is dry, it is challenging (if not impossible) to get rid of the gel polish underneath. Once you apply the top coat, you won’t be able to see the old color until it is time to remove the polish. Then you will have to scrape off the old paint with a sharp object such as a coin, a credit card, or even a key.

Don’t do this if you are eating or using the bathroom. This can cause cuts and scratches, which could get infected. When you are ready to remove the polish, put some acetone on a cotton ball or pad and gently rub it over the area where the polish is. Then wait a few minutes and remove with a clean, dry cloth.

 Why It’s Important

Gel nails are growing in popularity because of the speed at which they dry and how long they last. However, if you don’t use a gel nail dryer, your gel manicure will chip within 24 hours. Dryers, also known as UV lights, emit UVA and UVB rays which help prevent chipping by killing the living cells on your nail that are responsible for breaking down the topcoat. Not using a gel nail dryer will also cause your gel manicure to peel.

That means you’ll have to wait longer for your nails to grow out, and then you’ll have to start the process all over again. It’s important to use a gel nail dryer because it helps extend the life of your gel manicures and prevents chipping.

If you want to keep your gel nails looking their best, you need to use a gel nail dryer. This will extend the life of your gel nails and prevent them from peeling or chipping. There are many different types of gel nail dryers. The one I use is made by Sally Hansen. It is the cheapest and works very well. You can get it at any drug store. Just make sure you buy the right one.

Make sure it has a 350-watt bulb and that it is the correct size for your bulbs. Also, make sure it has a metal diffuser. The plastic ones do not work as well as the metal ones. You should be able to get your nails completely dry in about 20 minutes. This will protect your gel manicure for up to 7 days. 

 How To Do It

If you haven’t tried gel nails, you’re missing out. They are a blast to do, and they last FOREVER! So, how do you get started?

First off, you need a great nail salon that uses quality products and gives you excellent service. Then, you need to find a good (and affordable) manicure that suits your needs.

Next, you need to find a course that will teach you how to properly use the tools and products needed to achieve the look you want. Once you’ve done all that, you need to set aside a couple of hours a month and go at it. It takes practice, but the results are worth it. You can find out more about getting started with gel nails here:

The Results You Can Expect 

This dryer is great for people who have very thick nails or for anyone who wants longer-lasting, chip-free nails. The secret is in the ionic charge. Gel polish dries in minutes instead of hours or days. It’s safe to use on all surfaces, including wood, plastic, and vinyl. Just plug it into a 110-volt outlet, switch it on, and let it do its thing. After just a few minutes, you’ll have a perfectly dry, glossy finish.

If you have long, thin or brittle nails, this will be the best tool you can get your hands on. People with long, thin, or brittle nails often have problems keeping their hands and feet nails strong and healthy. Using this product will strengthen your nails and make them much less likely to break or chip. In fact, using this product every week for a month will result in stronger, more flexible, and longer-lasting nails. This means you will have great-looking, solid and shiny nails.


In conclusion, this secret is simple but very effective. It’s based on the idea that heat causes a chemical change that makes your nails stronger and more durable. But, we’ve found that applying heat to your nails for only 30 seconds or so can have a dramatic effect on the overall health of your nails.

When you use a regular hand dryer, your hands will get warm and dry, but that’s not the same as applying natural heat to your nails. Using a gel nail dryer, you can achieve that vital “chemcial change” in a safe, controlled manner. This is a great way to ensure that your nails remain strong and look healthy and vibrant for weeks and months to come.


6 Best Acrylic Nail Brushes& Buyer Guide in 2021

6 Best Acrylic Nail Brushes& Buyer Guide in 2021

Making the perfect nail art at home requires more than just a certain skill. Finding the right tool is half the battle. So before you touch the acrylic material with your nails, you will want to find an acrylic brush that suits your needs.  In this article, we will look at the 10 best acrylic nail brushes, and we will also discuss how to use them.

3 Factors Need to Consider Before Buying



Nail experts have different opinions on the length of the handle. Some people prefer a shorter handle, which allows the technician to work closer to the nail for greater precision. When choosing the diameter of the bristles of the brush, remember that the more hair on the brush, the more liquid it can hold. Brushes with a smaller diameter can be used for very short acrylic nails or touch-ups.


Nail technicians generally use round-tip acrylic brushes to apply acrylic nail products. The round brush is the most versatile because the technician can use its widest part to smooth the acrylic on the nail plate. After that, she can use the tip of the same brush to treat hard-to-reach areas of the cuticle. Inexperienced manicurists may prefer contour brushes, so you don’t have to guess whether the nails will naturally bend into an arch.

A flat or slightly oval brush is best for applying a small amount of acrylic near the stratum corneum. When making intricately carved artwork, technicians usually like to use a small pointed acrylic brush. If you want to apply white powder on your nails, use an oval-headed brush to draw the natural smile line of French manicure and acrylic nails more easily.


The cheapest acrylic nail brush may be less than $10, while the more expensive brush may cost more than $50. Because large brushes have more hairs, they are also more expensive. Although it is tempting to buy a cheap brush, a trained professional may choose the best brush he can afford and maintain it so that it can be used for many years. It’s much more cost-effective than if you spend money every year to buy a cheap brush.


6 Best Acrylic Nail Brushes


1,Modelones Acrylic Nail Brush











Modelones Acrylic Nail Brush handle is filled with liquid and shiny colored glitter. When you use it, it will be fluid. The main color of sequins is gold, decorated with silver, pink, and white. Glitter inside the liquid handle, including star, round, diamond shape shiny, charming, and fun, bring more funny when drawing nail art design.

Modelones Acrylic Nail Brush bristles are dense enough with excellent strength , while offering remarkable spring and resilience. It’s synthetic bristles are double round and secured in seamless black ferrules to prevent shedding.

2,Rolabling Acrylic Nail Brushes

Rolabling Acrylic Nail Brushes

The price of this rotating brush is less than half of the first one, but it is still a good quality brush. It is worth adding to your makeup box. The handle itself is slightly thinner, so it may be a bit difficult for beginners to operate, but its pointed tip still paints acrylic paint very beautifully. In addition, 100% natural mink bristles will not clump easily.

3,KEMEISI Hair Nail Polish Brush

Use this small brush of size 8 to brush up your acrylic work. This brush is equipped with a metal cover to protect it in your bag. It is made of mink fur, which is super strong and does not clump easily. Putting the cap on the other end of the brush will help extend the length of the handle and give your hands more control.

Tips: After using the bristles, be sure to wait until the bristles are completely dry before putting on the bristle cap. Because the bristle cap is not ventilated, sealing wet bristles may cause bacteria to grow.


4,ReonyxProfessional Acrylic Nail Brush

ReonyxProfessional Acrylic Nail Brush

If you prefer to use synthetic hair brushes, check out this eye-catching tool from Reonyx. Its pointed tip is also ideal, but instead of natural bristles, it is made of nylon bristles. It is also the cheapest of all single brushes on the list. An Amazon fan boasted: “I really like the shape of this brush, and the effect is also very good!”


5,Makartt Acrylic Nail Brush

Makartt Acrylic Nail Brush

If you want to take your DIY nail skills to the next level, this Makartt set contains all the essentials. It has enough sable-haired brushes and size and acrylic UV glue nail applications, including two pointed brushes (size 2 and 8), two round brushes (size 4 and 6), and two flat brushes (size 4 and 6).


6,KADS Acrylic Nail Art Brush

KADS Acrylic Nail Art Brush

100% of its nail brushes are made of mink fur, which is not easy to fall off. It can be used for a long time. The handle is made of precious mahogany. The sleek design is perfect for professional use or home use, and is a perfect tool for makeup artists.


Proper care of the brush is necessary to maintain the best shape of the best acrylic nail brush. Technicians usually use nail brushes to remove excess acrylic from the bristles. Don’t bend your hair excessively when cleaning the nail brush, as this will prevent the nail brush hair from breaking. After cleaning, a careful technician will reshape the brush with clean fingertips.

10 Best UV Nail Lamps For A Salon in 2022

10 Best UV Nail Lamps For A Salon in 2022

If you do nail art, you should know that gel nails are the most beautiful! But they will not dry out naturally like normal nail polishes.They need UV nail lamps to help it.

UV nail lamps are often used for dry gel nails in nail salons. Gel nail polish does not harden under natural light like normal nail polish. The bulbs of these lamps emit radiation to treat your nails. In this article, we will look at the 10 best UV nail lamps, and we will also discuss how they work and how to use them.


10 Best UV Nail Lamps in 2022


1,LKE UV Nail Lamp

The LKE UV lamp has a smart sensor. When your hand enters the machine, it will automatically sense. This machine uses 21 LED lights at 110-240 voltage to help treat your nails. The arc-shaped shell design can protect your eyes. The light of this kind of lamp is relatively soft, which can prevent the skin from darkening.

It has a dual light source with wavelengths of 365nm and 405nm, and uses advanced heat dissipation technology to help your nails. Its timer has three options, you can choose 30 seconds, 60 seconds and 90 seconds. The overall structure of the lamp is compact, light in weight and easy to carry. It is suitable for gel nail polish.

Pros :

  • Shorter time drying
  • Portable and Compact 
  • Auto-sensing function


  • Lights can overheat if using too long

2,SUNUV SUN9C UV LED Nail Curing Lamp

SUN9C UV LED lamp adopts UV+LED dual light source with wavelength 405nm and 365nm. The radiated light is close to white light, so it will not harm the eyes. It uses 18 dual light sources to help dry the gel.

This portable UV nail lamp has an automatic sensor. When you put your hand or foot in, the device will automatically turn on for 99 seconds, and when you pull out your hand or foot, the device will automatically turn off. It has only one button design. Press the button once to set the timer to 30 seconds, press it twice to set it to 60 seconds, and press it three times to shut down. It can help treat most gel nail polishes .

Pros :

  • Enough internal space
  • Automatic sensor
  • Long lifespan


  • It can overheat if using long time

3,SUNUV Sun 5 Pro 72W Lamp

Its internal space is wider and deeper, so you can easily put your hands or feet in it.

The power used has reached 72W. Increased power means faster healing time. It has a preset standard curing time timer setting. When your hand is in the light, the motion sensor will turn on the light, and when you take it away, it will turn off the light. The magnetic bottom plate can be easily removed for easy cleaning and pedicure.

Pros :

  • Can fit both hands at once
  • Bottom plate is removable
  • Faster curing times


  • Heavier than some

4,MiroPure UV LED Gel Nail Lamp

The micropure UV nail lamp adopts infrared sensor, which automatically senses when you put your hand in the lamp. It uses 33 long-term LED lamp beads to emit ultraviolet light to dry nails. It has four preset timers to help treat gel nail polish-10 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds and 90 seconds.

The radiated light is close to white light, which can protect your skin and prevent eye damage. It emits a relatively low temperature, which can prevent the nail polish from overheating. The device has a time memory function. Take into account the time set during the previous treatment. Nail art lovers and professional nail experts can use it simply and easily.

Pros :

  • Lightweight
  • Provides a professional finish
  • 50,000 hours lifespain


  • Might overheat if used too long time

5,Gelish 18W Professional LED Lamp

This is the most professional UV nail lamp. It is fashionable, comes from a trusted brand, and most importantly, it dries quickly. It’s like applying a layer of paint quickly in five seconds. Although its power is only 34 watts, it uses the best LED bulbs, so the impact is stronger.

There are three preset timers and an LED screen on the back of the device, which are perfect for salon settings.

When a cycle ends, it will beep in case you turn back or the customer does not notice. The padded hand rest is a perfect presence. Nevertheless, it is not a large unit and will not occupy your entire table.


  • Fast curing times
  • Convenient hand rest
  • Salon grade


  • Little expensive


Terresa UV LED nail lamps use 33 dual-source LED lamps to cure gel nail polish. It only takes 10 seconds to dry the UV gel nails. It claims to shorten the curing time by 70% compared with other nail lamps.

It is equipped with an automatic sensor, when you put your hand in or or, it will automatically turn on or turn off the device. You can set the timer to 30 seconds, 60 seconds, or 120 seconds as needed. This lamp also has a time memory function. The light it emits is closer to white light, ensuring that it won’t hurt your hands and eyes. It has a detachable tray for easier cleaning.


  • Portable and Lightweight
  • Fast drying
  • Smart auto sensor


  • Overheat if used time too long

7, Best Cordless Nail Lamp: Hotrose 72W

This rechargeable cordless nail lamp saves you from being near the socket. It takes two hours to fully charge the Hotrose cordless lamp and can be used continuously for 12 hours. In real life, if you use the longest function of 120 seconds per hand, the battery should be able to do 180 manicures continuously. This is very suitable for lazy people.

This lamp has a unique feature, that is the ability to reverse the LED display. If you use it yourself, the display can face the front of the lamp. However, to use it on someone else, you can press the reverse key and the display will switch to the back facing the light. You don’t have to turn upside down to look at the monitor anymore.


  • Cordless and rechargeable
  • LED display orientation can be switched
  • Many timer settings


  • Only Pin color available

8, Lumcrissy 64W Nail Dryer

Lumcrissy 64W nail lamp is a professional lamp, durable. It has its own handle, which looks weird until you realize that it weighs 5 pounds. So you don’t want to travel around with it. It is so heavy because it is made of zinc alloy not plastic.

Metal will absorb heat, which means that the heat generated by the light will be absorbed from the customer’s hand and the LED bulb, thereby extending the life of the LED bulb. It has no base plate to fiddle with, and the digital reading faces the back of the device.

The motion sensor is not as fast as some other sensors, but for its energy and durability, it may be worth the wait for an extra second or two.


  • Durable
  • Metal Case
  • Professional


  • Heavy

9,MelodySusie Portable UV LED Nail Lamp

Compared with other nail lamps, the melodysusie UV nail lamp can shorten the curing time by 50%. It has four UV LED lamp beads, which can treat gel nail polish. It uses low heat to treat gel nail polish so that your fingers will not be burned or scared.

The one-button design has a built-in timer. Pressing the timer once is 60 seconds, and pressing the timer twice is 45 seconds. It is small in size, light in weight and easy to carry, which is very suitable for family use or travel.


  • Lightweight
  • One button design
  • Faster drying


  • Short circuit if overused

10,JODSONE UV LED Nail Lamp 150W


Jodsone UV nail lamp has 150w high power, about 50% faster than other high-power nail dryers. The uv nail lamp has 45 pcs long-lasting up to 50000hrs LED beads and No need to replace any light bulbs.

It easy to use with automatic sensor and Time Memory.

It  has dual optical wavelength(365nm+405nm) UV LED light beads which can cure all kinds of gel nail polish.

Pros :

  • Fast dry time
  • Durable
  • Easy to use


  • Only Gel Polish


5 Best Nail Polish Shaker And Buying Guide in 2022

5 Best Nail Polish Shaker And Buying Guide in 2022

What is a Nail Polish Shaker?

The nail polish shaker is a machine used to shake the nail polish bottles quickly and easily. Its function is to make the thickened or deteriorated lumpy nail polish can be mixed more uniformly.

This is a makeup tool like other tools. Its function is to keep your nail polish in its best condition before use. It achieves this effect by shaking the nail polish vigorously, and eventually you will be satisfied with your nail polish. Buying the best nail polish shaker bottle on the market will bring a lot of convenience to your life. You don’t need to worry about the lack of smooth polishing. Whether it is traditional nail polish or gel nail polish, it can be smooth. 

According to research, it has proven to be the most anticipated product in many homes and nail polish shops. If you have the problem of these shiny nail polish sinking to the bottom, you can use a nail shaker to shake the nail polish bottle. Until everything is mixed together in the correct proportions. After shaking, the contents of the bottle are evenly mixed together, and then applying nail polish on the nails becomes much easier.

The Benefits of the Best Nail Polish Shaker

Time saving

This nail polish shaker is very time-saving, because it not only saves the time needed to apply thick nail polish but also saves your time when shaking the nail polish. Using the bottle shaker, it can shake the bottle 1,000 times in a few seconds, so that the nail polish is evenly applied to your nails. With the nail polish shaker, you don’t need to shake it hard to prepare the nail polish.

If you want to get the same effect as the nail polish bottle shaker, it will take a lot of work. All you have to do is put the bottle on the machine, tie it up with a strap, press the button, and give it some time to shake it properly.

Satisfactory result

It can make your nail polish smooth and perfect. The end result is a very satisfactory manicure. No need to worry about getting very thick and difficult to use gel polish.

Reduce injury risks

To restore the nail polish to the correct concentration, the manicurist must spend a lot of energy and time shaking the nail polish bottle. Over time, you may begin to feel pain in your fingers and wrist. Frequent shaking of nail polish can even make you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, but the nail polish shaker will reduce manual shaking, everything is automatic.

More business

The business of nail polish shops will improve. No need to waste too much time on preparing gel nail polish. The shorter the waiting time, the happier the customer will be. In this way, the business of nail polish shops will be more prosperous. The gel shaker will reduce the effort and time required in preparing the gel for polishing. In the past, manicurists kept shaking the bottle in order to get the correct consistency. The time saved can now be spent on customers.

Remove bubbles

Shake the nail polish constantly to remove bubbles, because when the nail polish is used in large quantities, the effect of the nail polish will be inconsistent.

Best Nail Polish Shaker Reviews

1,ProShaker Nail Polish Shaker

ProShaker Nail Polish Shaker

This is one of the best nail polish blenders on the market. Its use is very simple, just put your gel polish bottle in the holder. When finished, press the red button on the back of the gel shaker bottle and relax for about 60 seconds. During shaking, you can stop the shaking by pressing the red button again.

Pros: Runs smoothly and quietly Safe and easy for using Popular but durable

Cons: Little expensive

2, Lab Genius Mini-Vortex Mixer

Lab Genius Mini-Vortex Mixer

This is one of the most flexible nail polish shakers on the market. It is suitable for nail polish bottles of any type or size, and can also shake and mix the liquid in any container. This flexibility comes from its completely unique design compared to other nail polish shakers.

Pros: Powerful little machine! Perfect for miniature paint bottles Mixes Nail Polish Without Bubbles

Cons: Easily breaks

3, Handheld Nail Polish Agitator

Handheld Nail Polish Agitator

The hand-held nail polish shaker bottle is by far the easiest to store and carry.

This vibrating screen has a very compact and smooth cylinder design.

Pros: Cheap price Compact and portable Sleek Look

Cons: Not Durable

4, Nail Gel Polish Varnish Bottle Shaking Machine

Nail Gel Polish Varnish Bottle Shaking Machine

When your polish has been sitting for a time, it will settle down and separates. Polish shaker makes nail polish mix well, gels are no longer streaky, and glitter polishes cover better than ever, perfect without bubbles.

Pros: Not expensive Strong motor Come with  additional straps

Cons: Little noisily

5, Laza Nail Lacquer Shaker Portable Machine

Laza Nail Lacquer Shaker Portable Machine

The rotating speed reaches up to 25000 rpm, improving its work efficacy. When your polish has been sitting for a time, it will settle down and separates. Polish shaker makes nail polish mix well, gels are no longer streaky, and glitter polishes cover better than ever, perfect without bubbles.

Pros: Easy to use! reasonable price 30-days refund guarantee

Cons: Reported broken issues after using 2 months (more…)