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Making the perfect nail art at home requires more than just a certain skill. Finding the right tool is half the battle. So before you touch the acrylic material with your nails, you will want to find an acrylic brush that suits your needs.  In this article, we will look at the 10 best acrylic nail brushes, and we will also discuss how to use them.

3 Factors Need to Consider Before Buying



Nail experts have different opinions on the length of the handle. Some people prefer a shorter handle, which allows the technician to work closer to the nail for greater precision. When choosing the diameter of the bristles of the brush, remember that the more hair on the brush, the more liquid it can hold. Brushes with a smaller diameter can be used for very short acrylic nails or touch-ups.


Nail technicians generally use round-tip acrylic brushes to apply acrylic nail products. The round brush is the most versatile because the technician can use its widest part to smooth the acrylic on the nail plate. After that, she can use the tip of the same brush to treat hard-to-reach areas of the cuticle. Inexperienced manicurists may prefer contour brushes, so you don’t have to guess whether the nails will naturally bend into an arch.

A flat or slightly oval brush is best for applying a small amount of acrylic near the stratum corneum. When making intricately carved artwork, technicians usually like to use a small pointed acrylic brush. If you want to apply white powder on your nails, use an oval-headed brush to draw the natural smile line of French manicure and acrylic nails more easily.


The cheapest acrylic nail brush may be less than $10, while the more expensive brush may cost more than $50. Because large brushes have more hairs, they are also more expensive. Although it is tempting to buy a cheap brush, a trained professional may choose the best brush he can afford and maintain it so that it can be used for many years. It’s much more cost-effective than if you spend money every year to buy a cheap brush.


6 Best Acrylic Nail Brushes


1,Modelones Acrylic Nail Brush














Modelones Acrylic Nail Brush handle is filled with liquid and shiny colored glitter. When you use it, it will be fluid. The main color of sequins is gold, decorated with silver, pink, and white. Glitter inside the liquid handle, including star, round, diamond shape shiny, charming, and fun, bring more funny when drawing nail art design.

Modelones Acrylic Nail Brush bristles are dense enough with excellent strength , while offering remarkable spring and resilience. It’s synthetic bristles are double round and secured in seamless black ferrules to prevent shedding.

2,Rolabling Acrylic Nail Brushes

Rolabling Acrylic Nail Brushes

The price of this rotating brush is less than half of the first one, but it is still a good quality brush. It is worth adding to your makeup box. The handle itself is slightly thinner, so it may be a bit difficult for beginners to operate, but its pointed tip still paints acrylic paint very beautifully. In addition, 100% natural mink bristles will not clump easily.

3,KEMEISI Hair Nail Polish Brush

Use this small brush of size 8 to brush up your acrylic work. This brush is equipped with a metal cover to protect it in your bag. It is made of mink fur, which is super strong and does not clump easily. Putting the cap on the other end of the brush will help extend the length of the handle and give your hands more control.

Tips: After using the bristles, be sure to wait until the bristles are completely dry before putting on the bristle cap. Because the bristle cap is not ventilated, sealing wet bristles may cause bacteria to grow.


4,ReonyxProfessional Acrylic Nail Brush

ReonyxProfessional Acrylic Nail Brush

If you prefer to use synthetic hair brushes, check out this eye-catching tool from Reonyx. Its pointed tip is also ideal, but instead of natural bristles, it is made of nylon bristles. It is also the cheapest of all single brushes on the list. An Amazon fan boasted: “I really like the shape of this brush, and the effect is also very good!”


5,Makartt Acrylic Nail Brush

Makartt Acrylic Nail Brush

If you want to take your DIY nail skills to the next level, this Makartt set contains all the essentials. It has enough sable-haired brushes and size and acrylic UV glue nail applications, including two pointed brushes (size 2 and 8), two round brushes (size 4 and 6), and two flat brushes (size 4 and 6).


6,KADS Acrylic Nail Art Brush

KADS Acrylic Nail Art Brush

100% of its nail brushes are made of mink fur, which is not easy to fall off. It can be used for a long time. The handle is made of precious mahogany. The sleek design is perfect for professional use or home use, and is a perfect tool for makeup artists.


Proper care of the brush is necessary to maintain the best shape of the best acrylic nail brush. Technicians usually use nail brushes to remove excess acrylic from the bristles. Don’t bend your hair excessively when cleaning the nail brush, as this will prevent the nail brush hair from breaking. After cleaning, a careful technician will reshape the brush with clean fingertips.

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