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Nail polish is a must-have for you at a rave party or any evening party. You can buy glowing nail polish in stores or on Amazon, but if you can’t find the color you want, or you like DIY, you can use ordinary nail polish to get the same effect.

There are two ways to make your nails glow in the dark polish, one of which is dangerous and you should avoid it. The last method is effective if you want your nails to glow in the blacklight. Also we will share 6 best glow in the dark nail polishes at the end. 

How to Make Glow in the Dark Nail Polish?


1, Homemade Nail Polish That Really Glows


It’s easy to make your nails look shiny from top to bottom. In addition, this homemade nail polish looks professional and beautiful under the light.

Get That Glowing Manicure 

1, Put nail polish on your nails. It doesn’t matter what color you use. The key is to provide a foundation so that it will be easier to remove the glowing colors later. If you want, you can also skip this step.

2, Next, you need to use a used nail polish brush. Unless it is a transparent nail polish, you may need to use nail polish remover to clean up this nail polish brush so that there will be no unpleasant colors.

3, Use this brush to apply any liquid that glows in the dark on your nails. Some of them are colored when dried, while others are clear when dried. No matter what you use, you may only need to apply one layer, but if you apply multiple layers, you can apply another layer after they are completely dry.

4, Painting with a clear topcoat.


2, Glowing Powder To Make Glow in the Dark Nails


Using powder or sequins in nail polish can produce interesting luminous effects. Although luminescent powder is also a cosmetic product, these items are easily found in craft shops. You can try various shapes.

1. Paint your nails firstly.

2. Apply a transparent outer layer. Sprinkle your glowing powder on the wet polish. You can use this method on the entire nail bed or only on the tip of the nail.

3. Seal it with a topcoat.

Mix in Glowing Pigment with Polish

You can also mix it into nail polish with powder. But this may change the consistency of your nail
polish. If you add the powder to the color polish, the pigment will cover part of the particles, so the final effect will not be as bright as before.


3, Using a Glow Stick To Make Nail Polish Glow


Maybe someone on the Internet will tell you that if you develop a light stick and mix it with transparent nail polish, it will shine in dark nail polish. This method is completely wrong. It destroys a perfect glow stick and emits a stench.


4, Use a Highlighter To Make Nails Glow Under Black Light


Please keep the following points in mind, if you want to use a highlighter pen to make your nails glow in black light.

Not all highlighters can glow under black light. Yellow is of course possible, but most blue pens do not emit light. Before applying nail polish, check your pen under black light

Highlighter’s pens can damage the keratin of your nails. A primer must be applied before applying nail polish. Again, if you really like to dye your nails, then do it.

The color of the highlighter does not need to match the color of the nail polish

If you roughen the nail surface first, it is easier to get a good surface color. Don’t polish too much, otherwise, your nails will look ugly.

You need to seal your surface with a topcoat and then put it on the UV nail lamps at least 5 minutes.  Otherwise, it will fall off easily.



6 Best Glow In The Dark Nail Polishes 


1, FairyGlo Night Glow Gel Nail Polish

FairyGlo Nail Polish

FairyGlo nail polish is currently the most popular dark nail polish on the market.
They don’t need black light to glow because they can naturally glow in the dark


1 Hour long-lasting

Beautiful and popular

Easy to apply


Need UV lamp

2, ULG Gel Glow In The Dark Polish

ULG Gel Glow In The Dark Polish

ULG polishing and FairyGlo polishing are very similar.
Looks more upscale than FairyGlo and a bit expensive
They are naturally growing polishes, and they will glow in the dark without the need for black light.


2-3 weeks long-lasting

Apply easily

Beautiful and popular


More expensive

3, Splashes & Spills Uv Glow Nail Polish

Splashes & Spills Uv Glow Nail Polish

Splash glow nail polish is black light-colored nail polish.
This means that they can only glow under ultraviolet light or black light, just like those colors in a disco.


No need a UV lamp

Glow extremely bright

Easy to Apply


Only 6 colors available

4, Emory Glow in Dark Nail Polish

Emory Glow in Dark Nail Polish
Emory Glow in Dark Nail Polish

The polish will work great if exposed to black light, (like in a club or something) otherwise you need to expose the polish to light (artificial or sunlight) as it’s on your nails and then move into a darkened area for it to glow for several minutes. 


Uber Glow

Very Cool

Pretty neat  


Package damaged sometimes

5, Mia Secret Glow Polish

Mia Secret Glow Polish

It is an acrylic so no need to mix. However, I highly suggest adding a layer of clear acrylic on top for extra strength as highly pigmented acrylics like these do not have much strength.


Gorgeous and bright

Beautiful colors!

Great acrylic powder


Not glow in the dark. Blacklight only

6,Big T Ranch Top Coat Glow in the Dark Nail Polish

Big T Ranch Top Coat Nail Polish

Big T polishing is natural glow polishing, which means that they can glow in the dark without the need for black light.
It likes all natural luminous nail polishes. It needs to be exposed to the sun to charge for a period of time to glow in the dark.


No need LED light or UV

No need black light

Help nail art last longer


More expensive

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