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Nail polish can add a finishing touch to any beautiful look, but many women ignore the self-care manicure procedure because they worry that their nail polish will not last. In fact, you don’t need to worry about it. In this article, we provide 5 tips to keep your nail polish for longer last.

Essential for manicure

Before doing nails, you need to do a basic manicure first. This is especially critical. Polishing the nails flat and tidy can ensure the nails for a longer time. Dispose of the dead skin on the edges of the nails. Do not apply nail polish on the dead skin This is the reason, as general nail art comes off.

Don’t forget to apply primer

Primer not only protects the nails from erosion but also prevents the nails from being stained dark yellow. Therefore, it is especially important to apply a primer, whether you have cleaned or polished the nail surface. 

Block any gap

When applying color, use a nail polish brush head to dip in a moderate amount of nail polish, first apply the tip of the nail, and then apply it from the root to the tip. Be careful not to apply it to the stratum corneum, but you cannot leave it too far away. Because of the gap is too large, water will easily and easily cause nails to fall off.

Nail polish brushes are not suitable for hard pressing

When applying nail polish, do not press the nail polish brush flat and hard on the nails. This is very easy and easily causes the nail polish to be uneven. The accurate application method is to gently brush the nail polish Touch the nail surface, then rub it gently.

Ground armour oil

Finally, you need to pay attention to apply nail polish, which is applied about every three days, to prevent the peeling of nail polish. Moreover, it can also make the nails appear bright and bright, and the color will become longer.


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