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Not only should you look good in summer, but also your toes should be beautiful. Especially girls like to wear sandals in summer. It always feels like something is missing, yes, it’s the charm of the toes. Look at these toe nail designs. They look so good.

5 Simple Toe Nail Designs Ideas

Multicolor toe nail designs

Wear sandals in summer, and have a bright, eye-catching manicure. It’s so beautiful. If your skin is fairer, you can choose a hue similar to the coffee color + blue in the picture.

Fashion is gorgeous enough. You can make your favorite graphics. It looks simple, but it makes people see at a glance, full of high-level sense, beauty is dead, put on sandals, and enjoy the charm of this toe.

Cartoon toe nail designs

If you are a girl who likes small animals, the toe nail designs can also be cute. How cute is the short and exquisite cartoon nail art? It feels very small and fresh, very girly, and full of childishness.

Does it make you think back to childhood? Especially summery, the moment you wear sandals, the toes always bring endless charm, very creative and cute.

Flash diamond toe nail designs

If you are a mature woman, especially a capable woman in the workplace, you can choose a flash diamond sequin nails, which is particularly temperamental and very stunning.

Nail styles that you must not miss in summer, personally feel such shiny things, only on the feet. Finger operation is just fine because we have always been low-key.

So it doesn’t look so tacky, hurry up to keep up with the rhythm. Let you be a delicate girl this summer.

Flower toe nail designs

Gentle and low-key nail art is very suitable for summer. Blossoming flowers bloom on the toes so that you can accompany a good mood. Such beautiful nails, I believe that every girl can’t bear to refuse, it’s so good.

The nail art of the flower element is gaining momentum. It is very three-dimensional, beautiful and blooming.

It is a gentle girl, and it is also lovely. I like this unique beauty of freshness, which makes you attractive in the moment of open toes.

Pure toe nail designs

Pure-color nails are said to be more suitable for quiet girls. They like monotony, calmness, and dislike clutter.

However, pure-color nails have the highest appearance rate in summer because they don’t pick the shape of the toenails. Just choose the pure-color nails that suit your skin tone.

Whoever paints is beautiful, and the public loves the gentle and clean color system. The classic wild is not outdated. Do you like pure nails like me?

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