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Fingers that are too thin may look beautiful. Hands that are too plump will appear fat, but they are cute. Today, let’s find out how to make nail art with a chubby hand.

The slender fingers are lovely, making nails of any color look perfect. But the hands are too fat, and the effect is not so good. Next, let’s take a look at how to hand fat makes nail art good-looking, friends who are interested quickly come to see it.

How To Do The Best Nail Shapes for Fat Fingers?

1.Shape your nails to be square

Thick heel shoes have been trendy in recent years, and they are also the style of choice for girls with thick legs. There are also many styles of block heel shoes, of which square block heel shoes are the most popular because they are the thinnest. Nail art is also the same. Girls with thick fingers trim their nails into a square shape, which can visually ease the lines of the fingers and achieve a thin effect. And square nails also look very stylish.

The oval nail shape is also suitable for people with fat hands, but when trimming, pay attention to follow the original nail type. The length can be about 3 millimeters. The proportion of nails that are too long will not be harmonious.

2. Select light nail polish

The color of nail polish has a great relationship with the overall effect. For girls with fat hands and thick fingers, the most suitable nail polish colors are pink and milk tea. In short, light colors are ok. Nail polish for small meat hands is very slender, but light-colored nail polish is more close to the skin. So it can modify the lines of the hand more comfortably.

3. use of small lines or small color blocks

In addition to the color of the nail polish, the pattern of the nail will affect the overall effect. When friends with fat fingers make nail art, they can use patterns such as small lines or small color blocks cleverly. Which can visually bring you the effect of lengthening the edges of your hands, but also look more stylish and beautiful.

4. Use nail tips

Big hands not only seem to have thick fingers but also give people a clumsy kick. This can be changed through nail art. Nail art can be applied to nails, which can achieve the effect of extending fingers, making fingers instantly elongated. And at the same time, it seems that the hands are much slimmer. If you have enough nutrition, you can usually keep some nails for yourself, so you don’t need nail patches when doing nail art.

Need to pay more attention:

1, Clean the nail surface thoroughly


Before doing a manicure, it is best to clean the nail surface thoroughly. You can first polish your nails into a suitable shape, and then apply a good quality nail polish remover, then gently wipe the nail surface to remove all oil and impurities. Finally, apply a primer to protect your nails well.
Some girls don’t have the habit of applying primer before nail art. This step is essential. Using a primer to the nails can prevent the nails from discoloring, and it can also increase the hardness, making the nail color better and not easy to fall off.

2, Nail polish should not be too thick or too thin

It is recommended to warm the nail polish bottle in your hand before applying nails so that the temperature of the nail polish is close to the body temperature. Do not use nail polish too thickly, apply a layer evenly, wait until the first layer is dry, and then apply the second layer, this will make the color more saturated.

3, Be careful not to apply nail polish to your skin

If you use nail polish to the skin next to you, it will easily cause the nail polish to fall off. It is best to be careful when applying nails. If you accidentally apply it to the skin next to it, scrape it off with a cotton swab in time, and scrape it off before drying.

Fat girls, I believe you all know how to do the best nail shapes for fat fingers. Well, today’s content is here. Thank you for reading.

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