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Waiting for this nail polish to dry can be overwhelming most of the time. It might take about 10 minutes for your nail polish to fully set on your nails. But when you touch it, it is an entirely different ball game entirely.

Since the waiting period has often been a problem, here are some of the best methods to help your nail polish dry faster.

1, Get a blowout

Your dryer is the first option. We are going to look at here as the cool-shot button on this can do the trick for you. This is one of the best ways to get your nails to dry faster after polishing the cool shot function; about 6 inches from your nails can do the trick. This can be done for about a minute. And after that, gently tap your nails to make sure that they are not sticky.

2.Stick your feet in cold water

We just talked about the importance of nail polish and how cold air could accelerate the drying process. This goes to show the significance of cold temperatures when you want to dry your nails. Knowing this, you can dip your nails inside cold water for about 2 minutes after the preliminary drying process of a minute. Once you are done with the process of drying in cold water, you can go around with your normal business activities.

3, Make use of quick-dry nail polish

Instead of making use of the usual top coat nail polish, you can try the quick-dry version. Which is formulated with special resins to speed up the drying process. Once you apply the first coat, you need to use a single drop on each nail for the best result.

4, Making use of drying drops

You can make use of drying drops for your nails. Because unlike the quick-dry topcoat, the drying drops do not increase the layer thickness of your manicure. The best part of these drops is that they are oil-based, which means that they do not only dry your nails. But they condition your nails as well. With this, you have an even finish without having to wait a lifetime for it to get died.

5, Baby oil

The baby oil olive oil is another way to make your nails dry faster. All you have to do is pour the oil into a bottle. So you can easily manage the amount of oil you apply to each nail. All it takes is you applying it on your nails when you are ready to dry them after painting. It stays on top of your nail and helps it to dry faster by soaking into the paint. Once the oil begins to mold at the top, clean it off with a dry paper towel.

Bottom Line

These are some of the easiest ways to dry your nail polish fast, try them out today and feel the ease of polishing your nails and drying them easily.

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