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Today is your rest day, and you decide to indulge yourself. With wine and music, you took out all your nail care products and put them on the floor of the living room. You are ready to make nail art for yourself, but if you accidentally spill your nail polish on the carpet, don’t worry. Many people have experienced such things. We are happy to tell you that your carpet can be restored to its original state. We can teach you some tips to help you remove nail polish from the carpet.

How to Get Nail Polish Out of Carpet with household Products?

Before starting your task, it is essential to know what products can successfully remove nail polish without damaging the carpet. However, this is not a foolproof plan, so you should first test your materials on a carpet. This way, if your product damages your carpet, you don’t need to use it.

Collect what you find from below list of products that will help you remove nail polish from your carpet.

· Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover-It works great, as long as it is acetone-free, which will not discolor your carpet.

· Hairspray-It contains alcohol and can dissolve nail polish. Surprisingly, hair spray is one of the most effective
products for removing nail polish from carpets!

· Hydrogen Peroxide-Sometimes strong hydrogen peroxide solutions can discolor carpets, just like bleach, so be sure to use a light one.

· Window Cleaner-It is one of the best solutions to get the nail polish out of the carpet.

· Carpet Stain Remover-An obvious product to try if you have it in your cupboard.

How to Get Nail Polish Out of Carpet, Step-by-step?

First things first, is the nail polish wet or dry?

Remove the nail polish as soon as you notice it. The longer it gets on the carpet, the more difficult it is to remove it. If the nail polish is still wet, dry excess with a paper towel. Because you definitely don’t want it to spread and make the stain worse. If the nail polish is dry, scrape it off as much as possible with a knife.

Remove Nail Polish From Carpet When It’s Still Wet

1, Remove The Nail Polish As much As Possible

Remove nail polish

Hold up as much nail polish as possible. Then take a clean rag or paper towel and carefully pat the stain until nothing comes off. Try not to rub hard, as this will push the nail polish deeper.

2, Do A Patch Test On Your Carpet

Pick up your product and find an inconspicuous place for a test. This may be behind your door or under your furniture. Pour a small amount of product on the carpet and wait a few minutes. If the carpet is not damaged or discolored, proceed to the next step

3, Tackle Nail Polish Stain Using The Products

Pour some product on a clean towel or rag and start sucking ink on the nail polish stains. If this does not work, or if the leak area is quite large, pour a little cleaning product directly onto the stain. Smudge, smudge, and smear-until, no color appears.

4, Wash The Carpet With Soapy Water

Take a clean cup and fill it with warm water. Pour a little carpet cleaner or laundry detergent into the water and stir well. Take a clean sponge or cloth, soak it in soapy water, wring it dry, and start scrubbing the carpet. Until the cleaning supplies on the carpet are
entirely used up.

5, Rinse The Carpet With Clean, Warm Water

Take a clean sponge and a cup of warm water. Gently rub the spilled area to rinse off the soap.

6, Dry Your Carpet

Absorb all water with a clean towel. Then, if you have a fan, blow directly into it. Don’t worry if you don’t have a fan. Take a stack of paper towels, place them on a wet carpet, place some heavy things on them, and let them stand for about an hour. Or you can use a hot hairdryer to dry it.

Get Nail Polish Out Of Carpet When It’s Already Dried

1. Pick Out As Much Of The Nail Polish As Possible

   You can use the blunt knife or your fingers to remove the nail polish from the carpet as much as possible.

2. Wet The Nail polish Stain With Warm Water

  Use the sponge or cloth to wet the stained carpet

3. Do A Patch Test On Your Carpet

Pick some area on your carpet that is not visible. Pour a tiny amount product onto the carpet, leave it for a couple of minutes to see if the carpet gets damaged or discolored. If no problem after 10 minutes, go to the next step.

4. Attack The Nail Polish Stain With The Products

Take an old toothbrush or a clean cloth, put some cleaning products on it, and start gently drying the nail polish. If the effect is not apparent, then pour some cleaning products directly on the nail polish stains, then gently scrub until you feel that no more debris is coming off.

5. Wash The Carpet With Warm, Soapy Water

Take a sponge and fill the bowl with warm water and detergent. Scrub the carpet vigorously until you can see the

6. Rinse Out The Carpet With Water

Use a clean towel to soak up the water as much as you can

7. Dry The Carpet

Use the fan or hair dryer to dry the carpet.

Final Thoughts

When you are done with this process, you should be able to rescue your carpet from the stain. Now that you know how to remove nail polish from a carpet, there is no need to cry for overturning nail polish. Simply find your easiest cleaning product and work quickly to remove nail polish stains.


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