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When your makeup, you want to look beautiful. Looking beautiful involves everything from head to toe. Making your nails look beautiful is also part of makeup. Nail art can add a lot of style and appearance on any occasion. From matte pink to sparkling silver, endless colors make your nails look amazing. But spilling nail polish on your clothes is one of the biggest mistakes you make when applying nail polish

You like the color of your nails, but do you tolerate the color of nail polish on your favorite clothes?  Absolutely not, so we provide you the best way to remove nail polish from your clothes. With a few common tools, your clothing can be back to normal in no time.

5 ways to Get Nail Polish Out of Clothes

1.) Immediately Wipe Off to Get Nail Polish out of clothes

Prompt action is the best opportunity to save clothes from stains. This is the first and most important step to remove stains from clothes. Once nail polish gets on clothes, wipe them immediately. Wipe the cloth clean with a paper towel, then run to the sink, sprinkle water on it, wipe it constantly, and wipe off the stains. If you can wet the nail polish before it dries, it is easy to wipe it off It may remove the stain completely, at least it will definitely make the stain lighter, so just wipe off as much of the nail polish as possible with a paper towel or rag.

2,Acetone to Get Nail Polish Out of Clothes

Acetone is the best chemical for removing nail polish from clothes. You can use this method whether the nail polish is wet or dry. This method is particularly effective for cotton. In this method, use a cotton swab or other tool to apply a few drops of acetone to the stained area. Make sure you only apply to areas that are stained.

3,Hair Spray to Get Nail Polish Out of Clothes

Cosmetics like a hair spray can also be used instead of nail polish remover to remove stains from clothes. All you have to do is spray some hair spray on the stain, then make a circle on the stain to remove the nail polish, or spray the hair spray on the used toothbrush, and then use the toothbrush to rub in circles on the stain. If you think there is a problem, take a hair spray to a professional dry cleaner.

4, Rubbing alcohol to Remove Nail Polish from Clothes

Rubbing alcohol is a useful household material and it can also remove nail polish stains. All you have to do is apply rubbing alcohol to the stain with a cotton ball. Or try it on a small area of your clothes before you apply it to the actual stain.

5, Hydrogen Peroxide to Remove Nail Polish from Clothes

Hydrogen peroxide is also an effective way to remove nail polish from clothes. It has the properties of bleach to help quickly remove stains from fabrics. Pat the stain with hydrogen peroxide, then blot the stain with a cloth until the stain fades.

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