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It is one thing to paint your nails, and it is another thing for them to last long. In the light of this and in a bid to make your nails as gorgeous as it ought to look, we bring you some tips about How to Make Nail Polish Last Longer. Let’s go

How to Make Nail Polish Last Longer by 16 Tips

Put on gloves

Make sure you put on gloves when doing different chores at home to prevent damaging your nail polish.

Hydrate your nails often

Once your nails polish is excessively died out, it has a tendency to peel off, which is why you have to hydrate your nails with things like shea butter and hand cream at least thrice a day.

Make use of hand soap

To maintain continuous hand freshness, a great choice would be the use of soap and water rather than hand sanitizers, which have a drying effect.

Buff chips

Even with all the tips applied to make your nail polish last longer, there might still be instances of small chips. To solve this, you can file the tip of your nails.

Avoid shaking your polish before use

Before making use of your nail polish, avoid shaking because this causes the formation of air bubbles and chipped nails eventually. Instead, roll the bottle slowly for an even nail polish.

Avoid cuticles

Prevent the polish you apply from touching your cuticles because this can cause the polish to peel off than when applied to the nail directly.

Make sure you polish the edges

Pull the brush along the edges of your nails to coat them. This makes it last longer as it coats the edges.

Apply thin coats

Make sure you preferably make use of multiple thin coats rather than a single thick coat. This makes many layers combine, and that is not very easy to break.

Apply glitter at the base of your nails

Sometimes your nails grow past the polish; instead of thinking about repainting, a better option is to apply glitter at the base of the nails – this is beautiful.

Add French tips for chipped nails

If your nails are chipped, you can apply thin French tips that are very attractive to the eyes.

Make use of strengthened between polishes

This is one of the best ways to make sure that your nails do not break or peel.

Apply a remover

Even without the availability of polish on the nails, the application of a remover removes oil from the nails and helps your nail polish last longer.

Do not soak your nails before painting

The application of water to your mails before bathing makes your nails expand and contract to leave the polish moving along the lines of the nails, causing removal. So, avoid having your bath or soaking your nails before painting.

Make use of the right base

Not every coat is the same, so make sure your polish and base combination are great together.

Wait between your coats

When applying multiple coats, try to wait between coats to make sure that it is dry enough to get to the next and sticky enough to accommodate the next.

Make use of UV lights

Once your nails are coated, you can put them under a UV lamp for extra strength.


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