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The nail art design is a popular item and a must-have for women’s beauty. Do you want to remove your nail polish and change it to a new color? Can you use the toothpaste not nail polish remover to do it? Originally, we thought that only nail polish remover can be used to remove nail polish, but I heard some people say that toothpaste also can remove nail polish.  Let ’s answer the questions for everyone and to see how to remove gel nail polish with toothpaste.

Can Toothpaste remove GEL Nail Polish?

For women, making nail designs is not only for beauty but also to enhance their tastes on behalf of their living standards. Now more and more women like to do nail art or apply nail polish by themselves. However, the nail polish you apply will fall off after a few days. The semi-shedding nail polish looks ugly. So, does the toothpaste that I usually use remove the nail polish? Toothpaste has many functions. Toothpaste can be used to wash shoes and reduce inflammation.

In short, the benefits are many. So toothpaste can be used to remove nail polish too. As long as a small amount of ordinary toothpaste is used together with a toothbrush or paper towel, the nail polish can be removed. White toothpaste especially works best. There are also other ways to remove the nail polish as below:

1, White Vinegar & Lemon 

White vinegar and lemon juice can also be used to remove nails. White vinegar can be said to be a natural household cleaner. Prepare half of the lemon juice and white vinegar together, or add some orange juice for better cleaning results. Soak your fingers in the fusion solution for about 10 minutes, and then wipe them with a paper towel to remove the nails. Do not use your nails to avoid scratching the nail layer.

2, Hydrogen peroxide 

Nail removal can also be done easily by mixing hydrogen peroxide with hot water. Use a 2: 1 ratio. Put your fingers in for about ten minutes. It is recommended to use hot water. After removing your finger, gently rub it and wipe it with a paper towel to remove the nail polish.

Can nail polish be removed?

In fact, sometimes nail polish removal is difficult to remove. There are still a lot of residual nail polishes there, and the nails must be wiped hard during the process, which will hurt the fingers and hurt the nails. There are rumors on the Internet that cleansing oil can remove nails, but it hurts your nails, so I won’t introduce it to everyone.

How to remove Gel nail polish without hurting your nails?

Material: Tin foil, nail polish remover, nail polish (nail nutrition oil)

Method: Using nail polish remover directly can hurt your nails, but it will be different if you use tin foil together. 

First, apply nail polish remover, then cover the nails with tin foil. Other fingers do the same.

Second, remove the foil after 3 minutes and you will notice that the nail polish is adsorbed on the foil.

Finally, apply armor oil and you’re done! This nail removal will not hurt your nails, girls, try it quickly.  

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