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Girls are beautiful, and many girls usually make nail art for their nails. But too many nails can easily become thin, how to maintain the thinned nails?

Thinning nails cannot be ignored, and our healthy nails are all moderate. Today, I will introduce to you how to maintain the thinning of nails. Girls who often do nail art, come and see it.

How to take care of thin nails?

1, Base

If the nails become thin, it is still not recommended to make nails frequently, but if you really need to do it, you must apply a primer before applying nails, and apply a primer to protect the nails from harm. It can be hard nail polish or thickening liquid. Applying a primer on the nails will make it easier to remove the nails. Removing nails can easily cause nails to break or become yellow. Maintaining nails before applying nails is also important.

2, Let your nails rest

Many boys don’t like girls with unclean nails and bad nails. You must know that girls’ hands also represent faces. Generally, the nail polish will fall for about three days. If the nails become thin, it is better to let the nails rest for a while! One or two weeks is the best time to maintain your nails and keep them safe.

3, Spa for nails

Our skin beauty needs spa, even nails! So women are full of treasure and money! Spa treatment for nails can alleviate the problem of thinning nails. Maintaining thinned nails will slowly return to the original appearance, but you should not do nail art frequently.

Several misunderstandings about doing nail art

1, Manicure must be polished

I believe that many people think that polishing is a necessary step for a manicure. In fact, this is a big mistake! What I want to tell you is that regular polishing tends to make nails thinner and more fragile. Generally, nail polishes now have the function of flattening the nail surface. What kind of polish is left? If the nail is broken for a short period of time, it can be polished after cutting it off, so apply a layer of hard nail polish.

2, If you want a healthier nail bed

The dead skin on the edge of the nail does not actually need to be trimmed frequently. Excessive trimming will only lose the protection of the nail but will cause the nail to become uneven and more fragile. The correct method is to buy soft finger oils to protect the nails and the edges of the nails.

3, Light Healing Armor

In many nail control eyes, phototherapy nails are considered to protect nails the most. In fact, this is the biggest misunderstanding. Phototherapy nails are actually gel nails, and you can’t keep them on your nails often. You have to remove nails every day. And after removing this kind of phototherapy nails every day, it is necessary to go through the shaving nails, which will not hurt the nails even more.

4, The stronger the crystal armor, the better

The nails that are usually made of nails look hard and bright, which is really good. They are also popular nail styles. But if you remove the crystal nails, you will find that your nails are thin and not shiny and easy to break. Crystal nails have the danger of degrading their own nails, so it is better to make fewer crystal nails.

The hand is the image of a woman, and you can see the life behind you! Don’t forget to protect your nails.



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