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Most girls have a hobby in nail art, so they often change nail styles, right? So how to get rid of nail polish without nail polish remover? What can be used instead of washing off? Let’s take a look.

Generally, nail polishes are kept for about one month. After that, many nails will fade.

If you want to remove the nail polish from your nails, you are recommended to use a professional nail polish remover. But if the girls don’t have it, please don’t tear it by yourself because it will cause nail damage. I tried it before because the hand is torn and pulled by hand. The nails on the side are ugly, and it will be restored after several months.

Therefore, do not tear by hand. It will leave unsightly marks.

How to take off nail polish without nail polish remover?

1, Deodorant spray

Find some deodorant spray that you usually use, spray a little on your nail polish, and then wipe it gently with a paper towel. Then the nail polish will be slowly removed. Keep spraying a few times until your nail is clean. Just keep the oil clean, because the deodorant spray contains a solvent component, which has an excellent cleaning effect on anything challenging to clean.

2, Body spray

This refers to some perfumes. Dip a little with a face-tap or cotton ball and wipe it back and forth. After a few minutes, the nail polish will slowly fall off because it also contains some similar ingredients Included.

3, Hair spray

It can also be treated with a hair spray properly, and the effect is quite good, but you should pay attention not to let the hair spray stay on the nails for too long. Otherwise, it will dry on the nails. Wipe it with a paper towel.

These methods also can take off nail polish.

1, White vinegar

Vinegar is an acidic substance, and it is also a natural cleanser in addition to being edible. Nail polish on the opponent also has a clearing effect, so if there is no professional nail polish remover, you can use white vinegar in your life instead.


Speaking of toothpaste, we think its effect is great. I didn’t expect it to be good for nail polish. Just use a little toothpaste and then wipe it back and forth with a great toothbrush or paper towel. You will see that the nail polish has come off, um, um .. Relatively speaking, We think that the white toothpaste has better cleaning power.

3, Hydrogen peroxide

Blend the 2: 1 ratio of hydrogen peroxide 3 with hot water, then soak your fingers for 6 minutes, then rub your fingers slowly, and the nail polish will gradually fall off. (2: 1 means that with one cup of hot water, two cups of hydrogen peroxide must be added. The hot water must be suitable for your temperature, not too hot, within the acceptable temperature.

Health Tips:

There are many different types of nail polish removers on the market. Girls remember not to go for cheap and choose products from unknown sources. Many inferior nail polishes contain a carcinogenic acetone component.

Therefore, Be sure to pay attention. And long nail polish is not suitable for your health. It will affect women’s fertility and increase the risk of breast cancer.

The above is a question about armor removal. I hope it can help you. Thank you for your continued support.


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