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Like many cosmetics, if nail polish is always exposed to the air, it will become less effective over time. Old nail polish will thicken and clump and be difficult to apply.  So a lot of people want to know how to thin nail polish? According to the different nail polish you used, it can take a different method to solve it.  

Many volatile solvents are added to ordinary nail polish. That is the reason why nail polish is easy to dry. Because ordinary nail polish contains acetone, ethyl, and other ingredients are very readily volatile. They went to the air, leaving a solid bottle, so it dry. In this case, adding these solvent ingredients can solve the problem. But acetone and ethyl acetate are flammable and dangerous chemicals. Generally, they are only available in chemical stores, and there are no small packages. So it is not easy to get it.  

The problem is much easier for natural water-based nail polish. When applying nail polish, the bottle is left unsealed and water can evaporate into the air, especially in summer. Then after you use the natural nail polish every two or three times, if you find it thickened, you can drop a few of water into it and shake it until it is used up. Your nail polish will not dry out.  

Special note: add water to prevent nails. The method of drying oil is not suitable for ordinary nail polish (ordinary nail polish is oily, while natural nail polish is water-based). Of course, there are other ways to thin out nail polish as follows:

3 Easy Ways To How to Thin Nail Polish

1, Perfume 

You can just drop some perfume and shake it! A friend provided a good way to put a few drops of perfume in already dry nail polish. Be careful not to drip too much. In addition, it is unsuitable to belong to the category of metallic gloss. It will lose its original luster. Any kind of perfume is ok. When you use nail polish in the future, be sure to tighten it. And place it in a dark place before use, so the life of nail polish will be longer.

2, Polish Thinner 

Use a special nail polish diluent, drop about 3 drops at a time, shake evenly, and let it air out after half a day. There will be no air bubbles when nail polish is applied. Remember to clean the bottle mouth and bottle brush with nail wash water or nail polish diluent. Otherwise, the bottle will not seal well and the nail polish dries faster. Do not use banana water or nail polish remover to dilute the nail polish. Otherwise, the gloss of the nail polish will decrease and the color will become more obvious. Moreover, it is not good for the nails after being applied on nails, and it will easily make the nails dry and yellow.

3, Transparent nail polish

Buy a bottle of transparent nail polish and add some of them, shake it well, it works just as well as before.

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