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Everyone has different opinions about nail art. Some people think that nail art will affect your health. Some people say that some nail arts are safe and harmless. Then the question comes. Can pregnant women make nail art?

Pregnant women are different from us. When a woman is pregnant, she has to pay great attention to all aspects. After all, it has an extra life. Let’s find out if pregnant women can do nail art. Women are recommended to come and see.

Is it ok to get nails done while pregnant?


Nowadays, women are lovely. In addition to paying attention to makeup and hairstyle, they are more concerned about skincare, beauty, and manicure. Nail art is trendy now. Nail art can modify your hands and make them look better. Of course, women can do nail art, so can they still make nail art after pregnancy?

Some women still do nail art after pregnancy, but the number will be reduced a lot. Nail art can be done once a few months during pregnancy, but not too often. If you want to protect your baby, it’s best to refuse to do nail art designs. Because nail polish usually has chemical ingredients, pregnant women’s exposure to these things may affect the health of the fetus, and in severe cases, may cause fetal malformations.

What to do for pregnant women who love beauty? But some treasure moms love beauty. A very delicate woman wants to be beautiful at any time. Although it is not recommended to do nail art design, there are other ways to choose. You can buy nail stickers, which can significantly reduce the harm to pregnant women and babies.

But pay attention when choosing nail stickers, do not select nail stickers with scent or irritating odor. Otherwise, the harm is even higher than nail polish.

What to pay attention to for nail art for pregnant women?


1. Don’t apply to the skin

Pregnant women are better off doing nails. If you do nails, you should pay attention to these issues. It is better not to apply nail polish to the skin for pregnant women. Be careful not to use it to the surface. If you accidentally use it to the edge of your nails, it is best to wipe it off with a cotton swab while the nail polish is still dry.

2. Don’t apply too thick

Some girls will require thicker nails to make their nails. Too thick nail polish is not suitable for nails and may not allow nails to “breathe.” Pregnant women do not apply nails so thick, it is better to use only a thin layer, so as not to hurt the nails and significantly reduce the invasion of chemicals.

3. Nail cleaning, primer

This is, of course, necessary, everyone needs to clean before applying nails, and then use a primer. Pregnant women must clean their nails to ensure that nail polish lasts longer and reduce the number of pins for you. After cleaning the nail, a primer can protect the nail layer and prevent the nail from turning yellow.

4. Varnish

Bright oil can be said to be the last step of nail art. It can protect the color of nails and prevent them from cracking. For pregnant women, it is better to choose a safe and healthy nail polish, which can be applied twice a week.

Alright, I believe everyone has a precise understanding of whether pregnant women can make nail art designs or not?


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