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Many girls like to do nail art. Beautiful nail colors are really attractive, which can make your fingers look more beautiful and slender. But if the nail polish expires, can it still be used?

Some girls may be nail polish control, just like bag pack control. There are so many nail polishes in the family that they are wayward. In this case, it is possible to change the color of a nail a day, but too much nail polish cannot be used. Some people suddenly want to use it but find it has expired. Then some girls could ask “What To Do with Old Nail Polish?”

Can Expired Nail Polish Be Used?

What should I do if my nail polish has expired? Can it still be used? Well, if it has expired, it is recommended that you always do not use it. But don’t use this just for hand coating. Expired nail polish is usually very long, and continued use may be harmful to your health. Maybe your nail polish is safe and harmless, but it will be different after it expires.

Some nail polishes cannot be judged by the date of packaging to see if they have expired. You can only observe the texture. Generally, expired nail polishes are easy to clump and are not easy to spread evenly. They will clump after application. In this case, your nail polish is expired!
In this way, should all the nail polish be thrown away? Isn’t that a pity? Don’t throw out. We can use it for many other unusual uses. Let’s take a look at some of the beautiful applications as below.

What Else Can You Do with Old Nail Polish?

1, DIY key, the old card

Although the nail polish is out of date, you can’t apply your fingers, but it is OK to apply it elsewhere, and the color of the nail polish is beautiful! You can use them for DIY keys or old card issue! The colors of our keys are very ordinary, and they look more enjoyable with old nail polish paintings, but only if you are handy! The old hairpins have faded. Applying nail polish can restore a sense of fashion, but your nail polish must be safe and healthy because the clasp will contact the scalp.
The same is true for other outdated jewelry, such as rings and necklaces. You can use these nail polish DIY to make it look new.

2, Repair shoe scratches

Some shoes are very susceptible to scratches, especially leather shoes. Scratches and other things are also very aesthetically pleasing. If you have nail polish that is the same color as your shoes, you can use them to save your shoes from scratches.

3, Prevent umbrella from rusting

If you have expired clear nail polish, you can use it on your newly bought umbrella. The umbrella stand and the bone of the umbrella are easy to rust and can be easily prevented with transparent nail polish.

4, Create unique cups

If you have excellent drawing skills, you can use these nail polish to paint the surface of seamless containers! I believe that the container you create will be unique. Some ceramic surfaces can also be decorated with nail polish, but you must understand painting.

If you are not interested or no time for these nail polish DIY things, the simple but easier way is to throw out. Pls, check How To Properly Dispose of Nail Polish?

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