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When you go out shopping or to the supermarket, don’t you always see someone with brightly colored nail polish. Whether they are painting pink, blue, yellow, or white, they are expressing a specific feeling. The color they choose is often symbolic of their mood and state of mind. Have you ever wondered about the reason behind the color choice. A person can decide what to wear based on how they feel. So what does white nail polish mean? In this article, we will briefly analyze the meaning of colors.

The History of White Nails

The history of white nail polish is one that is rarely discussed or even known. The origins of white nail polish go back to the late 1800s when it was discovered that a French chemist could achieve a white color on a woman’s fingernails by applying a mixture of egg whites and lemon juice. During World War I, the French government started using white finger nail polish because it was a form of camouflage, but as the war continued, women found that the polish made them more visible. Women began to demand the return of their favorite pastime of painting their nails.

Why Do Women Wear White Nails?

This is a popular topic for women because white nail polish is flattering to every skin tone and can be worn with any outfit or color. The popularity of this trend is likely due to the fact that, as most women have noticed, when you paint your nails a bright color, it changes your mood immediately. When wearing white polish, people often feel more relaxed, lively, and confident.

What Does Wearing White Nail Polish Mean On TikTok?

If you are wearing white nail polish in a TikTok video, then it means you are single or you are not in a relationship. It also means you’re ready to be in a relationship. So, white is no longer just your cute nail polish color, there is a layer of relationship meaning. Likewise, light blue nails have hidden meanings.

How And When Did This White Nail Trend Start?

The trend began in 2020 when a TikTok user shared a video on the platform asking, “Why is it that every time you ask a boy what color your nails should be, they say light blue?”

So TikTok began investigating why men always choose “light blue” for their girlfriends. From this, it was deduced that the color indicated that someone was in love.

After blue nail polish, white nail polish appeared.

Why Does White Nail Polish Equate To Being Single?

One theory suggests that this trend of white nail polish stems from some previous stereotypes about girls. Girls who wore white nail polish were considered messy. Over time, this stereotype gained more attention and turned into a cultural gene. As it became more popular, social media users began to share their opinions about it.

Then, new TikTok trends emerged. This included light blue nail polish. Apparently, light blue nails indicate a girl in love. What about white nail polish? With the new meaning of light blue nails, the original stereotype of white nails is changing. So, in the world of TikTok, if you flaunt light blue nails, it means you’re in a relationship. Then white nails mean you are looking for a romantic relationship.

Another theory suggests that the relationship between white nail polish and marital status originated in ancient Roman times. No doubt, you know that in many cultures, brides wore white wedding dresses. This was also the practice of the Roman Republic. Because white, symbolizes purity and maidenhood.

We always associate white with purity, innocence, chastity, etc. The whole “white nail polish means single” thing can be attributed to this as well.

If Someone Wears White Nail, Does It Really Mean They’re Single?

Not necessarily. If someone is wearing white nail polish, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are single. The possibility to consider is that they don’t know what white nail polish means on TikTok. If that’s the case, then their white nail polish is not a signal to the outside world that they are single or ready to start a new relationship.

So instead of trying to decipher someone’s relationship status based on the color of the nail polish they’re wearing, stop guessing and just ask them if they’re in a relationship or want to be in a relationship. Trust me, it’s a much better approach.

But, if you really want to decode someone’s relationship status based on their nail polish, start by asking them if they use TikTok regularly.

In short, black nail polish was all the rage in the early 20th century. White nail polish was considered outdated and cheap, especially among the upper class. Eventually, as trends changed, white nail polish became more popular. Today, white has replaced black as the new fashion benchmark. Whether you wear white nail polish or not depends on your style, but wearing white nail polish will definitely add a touch of class to your overall look.

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